Sewing progress

Yesterday evening I began working on the Simplicity skirt and continued the process this AM.  I made my usual alterations to the skirt pattern-swayback, back pillow fluff before cutting out the fabric.

Lately I find my skirts not hanging just right in the front.  I pulled out my trusty "Fit for Real People" and Sandra Betzina's "Fast Fit" to see if my front hanging issues are addressed and of course they were.  As one ages, body changes are inevitable.  I realized that my body has morphed again.  Some due to exercise-treadmill and elliptical machine at the Y.  Most due to age so I have a narrow upper back above waist, swayback and flat derriere (where did my bum go?). I have a larger front area at waist than at the back with a tummy.

I realized after searching through the two books how I need to adjust the front area and that with my right hip lower than my left is another simple fix.  Actually that is not surprising as my right shoulder is lower than left and yes I always carry way too much on the right side, so not balancing that out over the years has played a significant part in my morphed body.

Though many find fitting patterns time consuming and yes sometimes frustrating, in the end when you sew your garments you know the fit may prove to be the best than from RTW.

My mini-break from sewing is over so back to the sewing machine and my skirt.  More later.


  1. So many of us have that right sided tilt, myself included. As you say it is worth taking the time to get the fit right - clothes are so much more comfortable then as well.


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