"Sometimes I get a good feeling---"

I have been listening to music this evening and I have this song playing over and over.  Yes, I do have a good feeling as the temperatures rose some today making it feel like spring could be coming some day soon. 

Something did arrive earlier this week, new spring fabric from EOS.  I have not even taken it out of the plastic wrapping yet. 

French floral on stripe knit

Royal blue 11 oz rayon knit to go with fabric above

Floral lightweight cotton
The blue fabric is much prettier than it is showing up here.  My plan is make a skirt to wear with the fabric above it or to incorporate both pieces into a dress.  The floral cotton piece will become a blouse.

Speaking of blouses, I have serge finished the edges of the main bodice pieces of the blouse I am currently working on for the Fitted Blouse Contest at PR and as my Garment for the Month.  Another good feeling.
I hope your week has been going well.  More later.


  1. Looks like some beautiful pieces. Don't you just love getting fabric packages in the mail?!!!

  2. I drooled over the floral cotton on the EOS site but didn't buy it. Now you're making me drool all over again. Such wonderful purchases!

  3. I bought the same floral from eos but I doubt we will be seen wearing the same thing as I live in Alberta...lol

    1. Probably not. Yet I did make a top one time from some fabric from EOS and about a year or so later, someone made the very same top with same fabric. Neither of us knew each other at the time from blogging world. She is in California and I am in VA .


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