Renfrew Top #3

I have made great progress on my third version of the Renfrew top.  With this version I cut it an inch longer and decided that I would not add the hip band to this one, will coverstitch the hem.  I did keep the sleeve cuffs; I still need to attach them.

Here is the work in progress:

I took a close up of the neckline to provide a better view of the textured knit fabric.
This knit has great stretch and recovery; it has been a very nice knit to sew.  This is a knit I purchased from Waechters in Asheville, NC a few years ago.

Since I have made two previous versions I felt that I could whip this up by serging all of the seams.  Previously I stitched using the sewing machine, then edge finished the seams with serger.  This definitely reduced sewing time.


  1. Love the color of your knit. The Renfrew is so popular I guess I have to get on the bandwagon. Once someone makes three I know you love it!


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