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Well--I ran into some fitting issues and some I think I should have anticipated from the beginning.  Just because the finished measurements are posted on the pattern piece, does not mean one should believe those measurements.

I ended up letting out all seams, ending up with 3/8 inch seam allowances to give me the room I needed from below the bust down.  Thank goodness for princess seams and being able to adjust all around.

Having said this about this pattern, it is a well drafted pattern in that all pattern pieces line up well.  I really need a 14-16-18 pattern and this one ended with 14 and the next sizes up would have been way to big in upper chest and shoulder area.  I will make this one again and will adjust for more width from under the bust down.  The FBA I made was perfect.  I also think the back piece is too long and could/should have folded out some of the length in the back above the waist.

Not the best photo as I took this with my iPhone looking back into mirror.  It gives you an idea of the folds.  I am slightly turned so that makes it look different also.

Here is a view of the front on a hanger.  The fabric is faux snakeskin looking leather.  It sewed very well.  I only have a few more things to do to complete the top.  I have to add facings, turn under and hem sleeves and bottom.

More to share later.


  1. Hi Linda, Isn't it annoying when things go this way? Glad you have been able to find a solution.

    1. Yes, it is annoying. What I really hate is that little inner voice warning me of a potential fit issue and not listening!! I made it work though and happy that it will be worn.


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