Sewing now and then

I have made a little progress on the Vogue knit dress. This has been a busy week at work and by the time both DH and I get home there is not a lot of energy to go around.

Most of the progress has been on serge finishing edges and affixing stay tape to front piece.  I plan to begin the gathering of the side front pieces this evening.  I plan to have the dress completed and started onto another project this weekend.

I did buy one new pattern and some fabric from Mood this week.  I am placing myself on a pattern/fabric diet now.  I have plenty to work with/on at this time.  I don't keep up with how much yardage of fabric I have and how much I have used; I can visualize that I have a lot!! and even get moments of surprises when I find a piece of fabric I had forgotten about.

TGIF!  More later.


  1. I know what you mean about the fabric stash. I know I have tons to work with, but the FabricMart emails tempt me so! I think I will sew up a bunch and then allow myself a good purchase!


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