Stripes and what should it be

First let me say that V8805 is complete.  I finished all the handwork that needed to be done this AM--hand sewing the hem and sewing the hook and eye to the neckline opening.  I had reduced the waist to hip area by 2 inches before cutting out the pattern; this is somewhat standard for me and added back an inch to the bottom piece.  I added only one inch as normally patterns are still long on me after reducing the waist to hip area or they are just the right length after hemming.

With this dress, the length ended up being pretty much where I wanted it BEFORE HEMMING.  I sewed a pale lavender lace to the bottom edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance and then turned the hem up 5/8 inches.  The lace was about 1.5 to 2 inches thus giving me ample hem to hand stitch.

I will take photos later.  I am not sure that I will make this dress again.  If I do it will not be color blocked and if it needs lining I will sew a lining instead of underlining as I did with this dress.

Next up is a dress, not sure what dress yet.  I purchased this lovely striped stretch woven fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics earlier this year.  Though the photo may imply that the stripes run vertical they actually run horizontal.  I think when I purchased this fabric I was going to make a skirt; that is still an option.  Then I thought about making a dress with princess seams and having the front piece with horizontal stripes and sides vertical.  Then I thought about having just a simple sheath style dress with front darts and let the horizontal stripes just be.  Next I thought about making a peplum top with bodice horizontal, peplum stripes running vertical and having a skirt with horizontal stripes.  I really cannot decide.

Here are some of the patterns I thought about using, this one from McCall's.  Thinking about using the red dress.

Pinned ImageUsing the peplum model is wearing and the skirt.

Pinned Image
The yellow dress.

I tried adding a poll to the sidebar but Blogger is not playing well with me this AM.  I would appreciate your feedback as to one of these or if you have another suggestion, I would like that as well.  Later.


  1. I have a similar striped linen that I am thinking about. My thoughts are to make a simple, fitted, sheath, dress with bust darts, just like you are considering, and keep the stripes running horizontally. With your fabric, there is also great potential to use it with a solid black, especially with the first pattern you have listed. I can see the body of the dress in your striped fabric running horizontally, and the sleeves/upper bodice and/or hem in solid black. I think if you do a striped look from head to toe, it might be too much, unless you keep it simple, as in the sheath dress idea. I love your fabric and the color scheme! Can't wait to see what you decide.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I agree it needs to be simple; I like the dea of black sleeves.

  2. LOL - I know the feeling of not being able to decide! I sometimes have the same problem when I am using my Wild Ginger software, keep changing my mind. Eventually, I just have to choose.



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