And sew it goes

I was happy to begin sewing the dress this AM.  All pieces have been serged finished and the fabric is true to dream to work with.  The front unit is complete (photos later).  I have sewn the upper side and lower side back pieces.  Next step is to insert zipper, will use an invisible zipper.  Sewing back pieces together after that and then beginning sewing the lining pieces.

This is proving to be a nice pattern so far.  All pieces fit together appropriately.  And did I say the fabric is a dream to work with!! Love when all goes well when making a new garment.

Updates later.


  1. Yes, it feels great when a pattern comes together without issues! Looking forward to seeing your dress.

  2. Thanks, made more progress this afternoon.

  3. You are so welcome!!! The sewalong inspired me too. Matter of fact I got sort of excited there a couple of times (ha ha). But that's what makes it so much fun. Setting up the extra blog is time consuming - wish I had more time for these types of things. Now I need 5 pairs of pants pronto! Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you joined!


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