Vogue 1250

I completed Vogue 1250.  Photos later.

I am happy with the way my version of this dress turned out.  My areas of concern with this pattern were the shoulders, the drape of the cowl and how low it would go, and whether I would a FBA.

My concern with the shoulders were more with length.  I decided to narrow the shoulder width by 3/8 inch.  I also ended up taking up the shoulder seam by one inch.  This was due somewhat  to the stretch of the fabric and more and more of a reality that I probably need to use a 12 in the upper chest/shoulder area.  I needed the 14 to 16 for bust down.

By taking that deeper seam it also helped with the drape of the cowl.  I really don't wear low draping styles well and my preference is not for low necklines; when you are my age, that is not the most flattering of looks.

I decided not to make a FBA and that worked out okay as well.  There is a good example of how to do a FBA for this pattern at  Debbie Cook's blog Stitches and Seams.

Will share more later.


  1. I found taking a deeper seam in the shoulder helped the low neckline situation too, so it would be a more work appropriate style. I'm in love with this pattern, but with 3 already done in very different fabric, I think I'll give it a rest for awhile.

  2. I will look forward to seeing your version! I still haven't made this pattern yet. I should keep my eye out for a good price on it. It seems to be a must have.


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