I feel like this is going to be a good, good sewing weekend

I am feeling it again-sewing that is.

I really like the Pinterest website.  I spent time this AM waking up to my usual coffee, breakfast and Internet.  I decided to peruse the Pinterest site and saw a lot of clothing of interest to me.  Obviously other bloggers are there also as I repinned many of what others had pinned.

I am seriously into making skirts for next sewing projects.  I have several skirt patterns acquired earlier this year and of course some from last year.  I already have picked a few I know I am going to sew initially.

Also as part of my sewing weekend I will be moving a lot of my spring/summer fabric in my sewing room back to the fabric collection room and begin to pull the fall/winter fabrics that I will work on next.

Enough for now, got to get ready to go to CURVES for Zumba class.  Later. 


  1. I have yet to visit the pinterest site, hopefully soon. I am also hoping to get some skirts made, but need to see what tops will go with them or pull patterns to pair with it.

    Have a great sewing weekend.

  2. I'd love to get to pinterest. But how?

  3. I think Pinterest is very handy to follow what's going on as far as trends are concerned. Btw, thanks for followong me Linda.

  4. In re-reading this post, I realized that you said fabric collection room. Did I read that right? Seriously did you just make my heart skip a beat because you have a room of fabric in your house? Oh the joy...oh the envy! *smile*


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