Sewing Weekend

I was able, or perhaps I should say I allowed time for me, to sew Friday evening after shopping and dinner with DH.  I started on the green silk/rayon jacket that will go with the newly completed dress; all from Butterick 5460.

I have to pace my sewing as my tendonitis in left wrist has flared up again.  I got another cortisone shot yesterday and was advised to not overdo the use of my left hand/wrist for a few days.  Wearing the wrist/thumb brace with Velcro fastenings can lead to fabric picking.  So of course fabric wins out over wearing the brace while sewing!

This AM I sewed some more on the jacket and I should complete it later today.  There are not that many pieces to attach; this will be an immediate gratification project.

I really like the fabric I am using and wished I had purchased more in another color.  I think there is still some fabric available from Sawyer Brook.  I have to say that the drape of the fabric works well with this jacket style.

During the week, I took time to trim around pattern pieces for New Look 6000.  I am going to make View E.  My current plans are to pin fit this pattern and move forward with cutting out fabric and starting on this dress tomorrow.  This is my fabric-from Vogue Fabrics acquired back in March.Houndstooth red-white cotton-Vogue Fab 3252011


  1. Hi Linda,
    Can you cover the brace to prevent the velcro snagging? Maybe cut the foot out of a sock to make a sleeve guard? That way you could be kind to your wrist AND of both worlds! Mary :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time planning in the sewing room this weekend. I didn't get much done sewing wise, but did some planning also, and some pre-washing, and I did get a jacket and pants cut out. Have a great rest of the weekend!


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