I tried very, very hard to cover the snaps with fabric for the McCall's jacket.  After four attempts at this, I decided 1)snaps were small and difficult to cover; 2)the fabric kept raveling and adding interfacing helped but 3) it added more bulk to fabric making it very difficult and cumbersome to sew onto the jacket.  I think the idea was good but really works better for larger snaps.  At least that is my theory and I am sticking with it.

The good side of this is that I do understand the process and there are many sources of helpful information on this subject, including the "1000 Tips" book composed of various tips from PR members.

So the jacket now has snaps, uncovered but functioning. 


  1. I love covered snaps. They look very professional and upscale. But sometimes they are figity to cover.

  2. I'm ok at covering snaps, but I haven't yet managed to cover a snap and have it still function as a snap should.


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