Fix to KS 3790

In this post I wrote about the flipping neckline on KS 3790.  I have fixed it (more or less) by adding to galvanized washers to the facing inside.  I cut two square pieces of fabric, stitched three sides and then inserted the galvanized washer into the little pouch, serged the top edge together and then attached to the facing.  I also topstitched the neckline and this aided in keeping the edge from flipping over.

Here is a pic of my inside pouch.  DH says because they are galvanized they will not rust after getting wet.  We will see.

I wish I could take full credit for this, but is an idea from Sandra Betzina; and I remember Trina at Slapdash Seamstress using this trick on something she made.  Isn't it great that a hardware store can be useful for sewing as well!


  1. If the washers do end up rusting, you can switch them out for quarters--that's what I use! Probably more expensive than washers but it saves me a trip to the hardware store.

  2. Good idea! I used coins for weights at jacket bottoms, too.


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