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The front darts have been sewn into the jacket front and jacket lining.  The dart was created due to the FBA made and I decided to incorporate the dart into the design.  I had real issue with getting the darts marked on the fabric and then getting them sewn going in the same direction.  A rookie mistake that I should not be making.  Both front darts now match.  And that is where I left the jacket on Sunday evening and have not touched it since.

Monday, I went to our local JoAnn's to check out what is left at the store.  The store will be relocating to another location and claims to be moving into a larger store.  The store they were in was large, IMHO, and was always understocked looking.  Hope the relocation will be truly be an improvement.  I wanted to get some sewing notions and marking paper.  I ordered some marking paper from Create For Less but thought it would not hurt to check locally as well; JoAnn's being the only local source at this time.

There is hardly anything left in the old store and as far as I can tell, they are not replenishing until they open the new store in APRIL!  The old store is bound to close before the new is ready as there is hardly anything left in the store including patterns.

Speaking of patterns they are running a huge sale with McCall's and Butterick selling for 4 for $2, and Vogue/Burda/Simplicity selling for $1.99.  Being a patternaholic I took advantage of the price and purchased a few patterns.  There were a few that were on my list of patterns to buy.  Some were patterns that were discontinued some time back, at least I don't see them on the BMV websites.

I am feeling the urge to start sewing for spring and have a few tops I want to make that will work for transitioning from winter to spring.  More later.


  1. Wow, Those are great prices for patterns. The only time I have seen them that low is when stores are going out of business. Hope your new JoAnne's opens soon.


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