I actually sewed something

I finally had time to sew a little this weekend.  I completed the side seams of THE DRESS!.  Everything fits.  I still need to hem it but I am tired of working on it and have put it aside for awhile.  Life is too short to stay glued to this project.
I even test drove my blind hemmer.  Let me say that the manual for this machine is very limited. When I first attempted to try it I used a lining fabric scrap and the needle never touched the fabric.  So I decided that I would remove and reinsert the needle.  I then tried another fabric scrap, the double knit fabric from my dress.  This time the needle penetrated the fabric.  It did okay for a few stitches but then something (what it did is still to be determined) got loopy stitches.  Progress nonetheless.  
Here is a shot of the stitches and the front of the fabric
Testing blindhemmer
From the right side:
rightside of test
I cleaned off my cutting table and pulled out some fabric that I want to work on next for some sewing projects.  I am going to make a skirt from this Vogue patternV8672

I am going to make the view the model is wearing in a wool gabardine fabric left over from other project.  Pattern does not call for a lining but I will line it. 
I also have some red fabric for a dress using a New Look pattern that I saw on MushyWear’s blog.  The model on this pattern is wearing a red dress also.
Well off to take a shower and then work in the sewing room for a bit. Later.


  1. Happy to read you are finding some time to sew. I really like the Vogue skirt you have there. Can't wait to see that!

  2. I love the vogue skirt that you are about to make. I thought about trying it for myself, but I've had sone reservations. I really wouldlike to see how your skirt turns out.
    Glad to see you getting some sewing time in. :)

  3. Linda, I'm making this skirt too, same view as you.


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