Lutterloh and Vogue

Next Thursday I am making a presentation at our ASG meeting on the Lutterloh pattern drafting system.  Now, I am no expert by any means.  Yet I think I have studied and played with it enough to provide information about how it works.  Unfortunately, my plans to sew several garments prior to the meeting did not happen.  I made a test garment and then I made a knit top that is wearable but could use a little extra at waist and hip.

I am completing the draft of this Lutterloh top that I want to wear under jackets this fall.  This is from their Supplement 273.  I am making the top on the right.  It is similar to a Burda Style top and actually one from Vogue as well.

I also want to make another dress from this Vogue pattern.  The fabric I am going to use is from Fabric.mart.  Unfortunately I cannot find a link to this on their site, nor did I have a current photo to show you what it looks like.  It is an off white background with black diamonds, some sort of silk shantung or faille.

As of late afternoon today, I have not yet it made it into my sewing room.  Hopefully later this evening.  DH and I have some shopping to do and having dinner out.  More later!


  1. Linda, so sorry about the Vogue FBA butcher job. Was that on the Vera Wang diamond faille from FabricMart? Do you have enough to make another front bodice? Or am I mistaken about which dress is which?

    Love your border print dress. Beautiful!

  2. Is it the Kay Unger dress that you have the link to? If so, what fabric are you using? I have this same pattern.

  3. Oops,so sorry Linda I put my address where my name should've been.


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