Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

Does anyone have the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker that runs bias strips through the bias tape maker and rolls over a heating unit? I bought one for myself for Christmas and tried it this evening. It does have potential and the fabric I was using was the rayon crepe that I used to make the McCall's top. So it was challenging just to feed it through the tape maker.

If you have one and have used it, did the fabric run through the tape maker over the heating element on its own when you pushed the run button or do you have to assist in pulling it through? Again my fabric was so fiddly that I was concerned that it would not run through and assisted it coming through. I have to say though that the machine did press a nice fold to make a bias tape even for such fiddly fabric.


  1. I remembered seeing a video on Nancy's Notions site. It may help!

  2. Here is another link for the Bias tape maker:


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