Sewing block and other comments

I have almost finished the white jacket but tweaking the fit through upper chest area. I have only had bits and pieces of time to sew this week. I had more opportunities but experiencing what we sewists all experience from time to time and that is "sewing block". This is similar to "writers' block" IMHO. I do have lots of ideas going through my head about my next projects. They will come soon enough. When I experience this phenomenon I love to spend time browsing Pattern Review as well as numerous blogs to see what others are doing. It truly helps to provide inspiration.

I have to admit I took advantage of the recent Butterick $1.99 sale through club BMV. Like I need another pattern or two. My pattern cabinet is overflowing, so I will be culling out my collection and hopefully finding new homes for some of my patterns.

On another note, many bloggers take advantage of free backgrounds for their blogs. I have used the CutestBlogOnTheBlock for years. I wanted to see what new backgrounds they may have and cannot get to their website. Getting numerous error messages. Has anyone else had this problem? Care to share what you may know about what is going on. I hope they have not shut down their site.

Happy sewing.


  1. I have that alot. Sometimes its idea OVERLOAD! I have sooo many patterns, but that didn't stop me from adding some new Vogues during that sale. ;)

    I just tried & can access the Cutest Blog on the Block fine, so maybe it was a glitch? Clear your browser history/cache and try again if you still have trouble!

  2. I just bought 9 patterns in the Club BMV sale. Like I need more patterns! It's an addiction, I know. But as addictions go, this one is pretty tame.

  3. I just purchased a used but in mint condition Lutterloh pattern system, their latest version! I had one back in the 80's & 90's but it somehow did not make it to MX.
    My daughter is coming in ONE WEEK! And she is bringing it. So I am not buying patterns. The problem for me is, not matter what I buy, I have to then find a "mule" coming down to bring it to me.
    I LOVE your multi colored polka dot fabirc, and look forward to seeing the finished white jacket!
    Sunday at the beach...tranquil!

  4. Yeah, I definitely get that sewing block. And then sometimes, like right now, I'm totally ADD... I have so many ideas in my head and things that I want to sew that I just don't know where to start!


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