Slow progress on top

DH and I have been doing several home clean up projects thus my sewing time has been sporadic and in spurts. I worked on the Simplicity top Friday evening and did a little sewing on it yesterday afternoon. I worked on it some more this AM and got it to the fitting stage of basting the side seams to determine fit.

BAM! I was concerned that the top might be a little big, this thing is huge. I ended up taking 3/4 inch shoulder seams and took a deeper back seam. I serged off another 5/8 inch from waist to hip on the front and back pieces. I stopped there and will baste it again to see the results.

The fabric has been easy to sew and handle; that's a positive.


  1. There is nothing worse than having the item you are sewing being the wrong size!! I love sewing, but I don't like altering!!! I go back and adjust, but I don't like doing it!


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