Success and what I did on my holiday

I got buttons for my jacket. I actually purchased several sets of various buttons from Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, VA. Here is the buttons for my jacket.

I am not sure that the photo does it justice, but I was able to get enough for jacket front and cuffs. I really want to finish this project. With weather turning cooler here, this will be a nice jacket for the fall for work or casual.

I did not get away from Schoolhouse Fabrics without buying fabric as well. They had a beautiful pink,gray,black and a touch of pale yellow boucle fabric that called my name as soon as I walked into the room where this fabric was located. I also purchased trim for a Chanel type look. The photos I took of the trim did not turn out well so I will post something later.

I also purchased two shades of gray fabric to go with this boucle, one has a touch of lycra and is a light gray and the other is a polyester that is a steel gray color. Plus I purchased several yards of lining to have on hand; the colors were black, dark gray and light gray.
I also resumed working on the matte jersey Butterick top. I attached the neckband and then got stumped on how the pleated left front attaches to right front at neckline. I almost thought I was working on Burda pattern; but after staring at the drawings along with the instructions, I finally got it. By then I had to stop and pull out my laptop to take care of some work related issues due to my time crunch at the office tomorrow.
All in all my time off was a successful day.


  1. I love that boucle fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing it being sewn into something gorgeous.

  2. That's the second time I've seen fabric you purchased that I also bought! I have the boucle, and I also have a black knit from (it has little dots of color in sort of lines). Needless to say, the fabric still remains in my stash while you are busily working on yours. We have the same taste; now if you will just lend me some of your sewing energy.


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