Saturday afternoon sewing

I made pretty good progress on the jacket for Saturday afternoon. This is a shot of the jacket on my dress form-AlmaMarie. This particular pattern was part of the sewing project detailed in the Feb. 09 BWOF. I decided I would follow along and try their method for sewing. The overarm/shoulder seams were basted in this photo. I wanted to make sure that I did not need to take a deeper seam before adding the collar and front facings.

The first step in sewing this jacket is to sew the darts at the front armscye; then the center back seam. They then have you press the back seam and then topstitch. I basted the side seams and shoulders before topstitching to be sure I did not need to take a deeper back seam. All was well and I then topstitched.

Here is a close up of the topstitching.



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