Tomorrow is my last working day and then I am off for holiday and vacation!!!!!!

I do plan to do some sewing during the time off but gosh darn if I can decide what I want to sew. I am thinking dress, or skirt, no a jacket, no a blouse. I have a beautiful piece of metallic linen fabric that originally was going to be a jacket; now though I know it will not be sturdy enough to be a jacket it is more blouse weight. But what blouse?

I want to make another McCall's skirt with an interesting back flounce(s) or pleats. Can't decide on the fabric.

I know that once the work week ends and I can actually just walk into my sewing room and handle fabric and patterns, the inspiration will come. So I anticipate the moment when I can do just that.


  1. I am taking tomorrow off, and really looking forward to the long holiday weekend in the sewing room! I am experiencing a similar overload of inspiration. I keep changing my mind about what I want to sew, which fabric to use, and just what pattern to select. I know once you decide on something, it will be fabulous! Happy National Sewing Month!

  2. Omg, you sound like me! But I've been scrounging around and ordering supplies and have a I just have to pull it off!

    I will be thinking of you at your sewing machine while I'm at mine!!!

  3. Have fun sewing during your time off!!


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