Time to quit!

Well, I began the embroidery process and finalized the designs I was going to use. Printed out the template, etc. The first design stitched out beautifully. I then ran out of bobbin thread and in the process of removing the hoop, the embroidery unit locked up. After doing different things to unlock it, besides shutting the machine down, I save the design combos and restarted the machine. I was simply unable to get the design to line up correctly.

I decided that salvaging my skirt is just not in my cards. Nor do I want to keep futzing around with it. I found in my fabric collection another blue fabric piece that I will use to make me a blue skirt. It is the right shade of blue to go with the floral print fabric.

I am cooking dinner now and hope to cut out the new blue fabric, using the same pattern. I have run out of blue thread that matches. Tomorrow I am pin fitting top patterns to make the top for the other skirt I completed as well as make the top from the floral print for the blue skirt. I am also considering some other tops I have made and perhaps use those patterns instead.


  1. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear it will be a loss. That means the next garment will be fabulous.

  2. Sometimes I figure when things keep going wrong, it wasn't meant to be - so I purged the offending garment and get on with life. I see you feel the same way - I'm sure the next skirt will be fab!

  3. Hopefully the next skirt will be a lot less problematic than this one!

  4. I am so very sorry that your skirt didn't turn out the way you had hoped. I have had some experiences like that myself. I am getting better about letting it go. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we had hoped and we just have to move on. After all, sewing is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby. We get enough stress at work, don't we?? :-)

    I know your next skirt will be beautiful.


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