Mastering the coverhem machine

I wanted to share photos of the coverstitch hem on the McCall's dress. I still need to practice, practice, practice.
I was able to eliminate the tunneling issue I have been experiencing. Here are close up shots:

I needed to adjust the lower looper tension as well as the tension on the presser foot
This is the underside of the stitch. I still have issues of keeping the stitching along the edge of the turned under hem. This is the practice/practice part.


  1. You will master the machine before long. Boo, I don't have one. I don't sew enough knits to justify the cost of the machine. If I ever do sew a lot of knits, I will definitely make that purchase.

  2. Looking great! I really love the fabric you're using for this dress too.

  3. An easy way to do coverhems is to add some fusi-knit to the hem & then hold it in place with Wonder Tape while you stitch. The tape will wash out & your hem will be neat. Great job on the dress.


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