Simplicity dress

Well work has been hectic; as I noted previously it is budget season. This afternoon I met with finance and CEO to review my department's budget. It was not as painful as previous years and I will only have to make minor cuts at this time. As with many companies and particularly non-profit agencies, we are being challenged to do more with less. We had some major funding cuts from some state agencies earlier this year requiring us to make some cutbacks in my business segment. To have my budget approved with just a few tweaks made my day much better.

With a little more spring in my step and an energy boost, after dinner with DH, I finished cutting out the Simplicity dress pattern. I cut out the skirt portion plus skirt lining on Monday and now the top part is cut. I am planning to underline the bodice front and back as I find the fabric I am using a little sheer. But I have to say that the feel and the ease of cutting this fabric was a pleasant experience.

I am looking forward to sewing the dress this weekend.


  1. With business matters settled, now you'll be able to concentrate on sewing in your spare time. I imagine you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Looking ofward to seeing your finished dress. Good luck.

  2. It's nice to get work issues taken care of isn't it? (WOrk does take up allot of energy !)

  3. Sounds great to have the work issues resolved, enjoy your sewing.

  4. Sewing nice fabric really is a more pleasant experience.


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