Keeping one of my affirmations

I took advantage of a sewing opportunity this evening as DH was arriving home late. So while yesterday's leftovers were heating up slowly, I worked on my skirt. I was able to complete the front bottom part of the skirt. I will sew it to the front yoke next. This is not by the directions but this is better, IMHO.

I really enjoyed that brief sewing interlude.


  1. I can't wait to see it. I, too, am taking advantage of Mike watching football games and am tracing off to muslin my 1st BWOF. (06-2007-112). Hopefully, tomorrow, I can baste it together as kids will be back in school, except for Baby Hayley. There's always naptime...

  2. It's great that you could sneak in a little sewing time! I put the hem into a blouse last night; it's very unusual for me to sew during the week but I'd like to be able to wear the blouse this week. Maybe I can develop a habit of it...

  3. Both skirts are looking good! Like you, I am learning to sneak in some sewing at every opportunity.


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