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My skirt is almost finished. Again I had to take much deeper seams through waist and hip. I actually think fabric is stretching some and I did interface the waist area of the front and back yoke. I also think the ruffle kinda pulls the skirt down. The fabric is wool crepe. I have not had much in between or dedicated sewing time since Sunday.

Yesterday morning while getting dressed for work I decided to slip on the skirt for fitting. I was stunned at how much I had to take up. I have now basted the side seams taking in about an inch on each side from waist to just below hip area. I have not tried it on again since doing this but will do so hopefully in AM while getting ready for work.

With that said, I am so undecided about what kind of jacket to make to go with this skirt. I have numerous jacket patterns but just can not decide what is going to work with this skirt. Here is a view of the OOP Vogue skirt pattern. I made the view with ruffle. I was thinking about using this pattern. Or this OOP Simplicity pattern, making the jacket in the bottom right of the photo.

Then there is this one, making the one in the bottom right corner. I am wanting something simple, and short so the jacket does not take away from the ruffle on the skirt. What do you think? Any of these, none of these. Go with one of the fuller style jackets. Your comments are truly appreciated and requested. Thanks for your input.


  1. I like the Vogue or the 1st Simplicity, using the 3/4 length sleeves. The last Simplicity was too busy with the collar.

  2. I like either of the first two choices.

  3. Two things - first the fabric in the skirt...wool crepe can stretch especially when heated by body warmth so this could be part of your issue. And I vote for the vogue pattern, I think a simple structured jacket will look well with and not detract from the skirt!

  4. I think a short simple jacket will look best with this pretty skirt. I like the Vogue.

  5. I'm with the rest - the Vogue pattern. This suit is going to be fabulous!

  6. another vote for vogue!
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  7. I'll add my vote for the Vogue, a pattern that I really like. I agree that the S4412 is too busy for the skirt.


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