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Thank you to all who participated in the poll on coverstitch and blind hemmer machines. Your comments were appreciated as well.

The Babylock Coverstitch received this highest votes. What I read about this machine has been positive. The frustrating part for me about buying either machine is that both local dealers of Babylock and Janome do not have a coverstitch machine in house for me to try before I buy. I recognize that perhaps these machines are not the top sellers but wouldn't you have one in house to let people test out???

Well, still undecided about what I will do. Again thank you for participating and responding.

Since returning to work, no sewing going on here. Tomorrow I travel to Richmond, VA for business, staying overnight for AM meeting on Friday and returning home Friday evening. So sewing is on back burner for the moment. Later..........


  1. Is there a dealer in Richmond that might have a coverstitch to check out? I am not familiar with your area, but I know in the Portland area I have a couple of different dealers to choose from. At least then you would know and could order one through your dealer. Mary

  2. Good luck choosing a machine! I know nothing about this kind of machine, but I do have a Babylock embroidery and sewing machine and I love it.

  3. My dealer didn't have one in store either... but he discounted it for me and ofcourse told me if I didn't like it just return in 30!

    But believe me.. you will not want to return it!

    I am making my husband a denim jacket and its a great time saver on all the topstitching!

  4. Since you haven't decided, I'll make my vote for the Bernina Coverstitch Machine. I bought it a couple of months ago. It is easy to thread and sews like a dream. What a time saver for professinal looking work!! I couldn't test it first, but had a good discount and the option to return. That would never happen! As with sewing machines, the best brand is the best dealer with the best service. My dealer is super. I don't have a blind hemmer and am not sure I want one (prefer to buy fabric!).

  5. If you're coming up to the Poconos during the holiday season, test drive the Babylock and/or Coverpro at the Pocono dealer :) ! And then we can do coffee and lunch afterwards downtown.

    Awaiting the finished dress pics...


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