Sewing in bits and pieces

Last night was our agency's Annual Awards Banquet. Arriving home after 9 pm. No sewing or going anywhere near the room.

Tonight however I did spend some brief time continuing to work on my Butterick jacket pattern. As I mentioned previously, the fabric I am using is rather easy to ravel, just looking at it can cause a thread to fall off. I cut out fusible tricot interfacing that I will fuse to the fabric pieces before serging. I was unable to do any more after that as dinner was expected----food is overrated.

Tomorrow another small bit of time hopefully can be devoted to the actual fusing.


  1. I love the comment that food is overrated!
    I, too, have going in circles with the baby and kids and house and seem to get about 2 hours a week on the machine and have several things in progress. Good luck, you seem to manage to fit it in better than I can.


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