After work

I was able to work on my dress a little this evening while starting dinner and in between various chores. Taking the 10-20-30 minutes to sew when you can is worth it.

I trimmed the collar and upper front facing seam. Turned the collar and the front facing inside out and was pleased with how the collar was looking. Needs pressing and a little more trimming in the area where the collar and facing join. Next will be to sew the two sleeve pieces together, sew up the side seams, insert the sleeves, hem the dress, attach the snaps, topstitching the facings down and I will have a new dress.

This is a pen striped material with the stripes being a lovely blue shade. I acquired a blue fabric this weekend on sale at a local fabric/sewing machine dealer/quilting store. I am not sure if this is the right blue but if so, I can see me making the pattern jacket from it to go with this dress. It will give it a little "pop".


  1. It is very hard to squeeze in some sewing time when you work full-time, isn't it? Some days I just don't have the energy...


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