Sewing today-August 18

Today was a day that I spent writing reports all day long. I stopped for lunch (off and on stopping) when one of my employees went to Subway and got us two subs. This is a report that is compiled twice a year but it has not been my project to write until now with new organizational structure. The accountant (bookeeper) came out when I had to tie back numbers which led to the discovery that our software system has issues. Some of it is people issues and the lack of data being entered. As in sewing and in my job, I "made it work". After completing that report for late night reading for edits tonight, I then had to write my weekly report about events, issues, meetings, etc. that took place last week and to distribute it to senior management team.

So after leaving work, DH called and said that he would be late coming home. What's a girl to do but change clothes and go to her sewing room. Yesterday I cut out my dress and blouse patterns after getting the patterns adjusted for fit. I then cleaned and oiled my serger and did some sewing room clean up. This evening I started on the Vogue dress. I sewed the front tucks/pleats at the neckline and sewed the shoulder seams.

Then the DHL guy showed up and delivered a package of cosmetics I ordered from Nordstroms. My order was large enough that I got a free gift of beauty products worth $100, plus a pretty decent tote bag.

Now it is 8 PM and I am preparing us a quick meal. At least I got a little sewing in, tomorrow there just may be another opportunity.



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