Sew Far this weekeend

Well so far this weekend, I have made adjustments to Jalie 2794 and will post a photo later. I found that I did not do the swayback adjustment I normally do so those back wrinkles are mainly due to that. I shortened the top length as it was just too long and that eliminated the diagonal pulls somewhat. Just was not enough enough fabric to go over the back hip area. I am fluffy there.

With those changes I adjusted the pattern pieces and traced a new front piece. This time in doing the FBA, I decided to use Sandra Betzina's bust adjustment technique. Not sure if this is want what some bloggers are calling the "y" bust adjustment. But the results were better than my usual FBA that I know that I flubbed up. I have been making FBA's for a long time now using FFRP and following Debbie Cook's great tutorial. This was definitely my error.

I also started on the Marcy Tilton Vogue Pattern for three unusual t-shirts. This has been a fun but time consuming project. It is truly like putting a puzzle together. Not sure that the knit I used was the best for this project as perhaps the knit should be a little more stable and "beefier" but I like the "differentness" of this T. I will post photos later.

It has been a nice, long, and rather restful holiday weekend. But it does not end today for me. I am on vaca next week. Lots of sewing and housecleaning plans in the works.


  1. I am so jealous that you are off next week! I have one more day off tomorrow and then its back to the grind.


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