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So, I did not get enough patterns on sale through BMV! I went to JoAnn's on Friday to get some thread and a few other notions. Vogue patterns-$3.99 better than the BMV offering. So here are two other patterns I purchased.

Of course, I knew I was also going to look for this pattern. I fell in love with Erica B's yellow top that she was wearing with her new Nubuck jacket that she made. You can see her top and review here.

While at JoAnn's I actually found and fell in love with some fabulous fabric. For me to find fabulous fabric at our local JoAnn's is a great phenomenon. Maybe since they combined two into one, we may see better fabric. Not all JoAnn's are created equal. I have found great fabrics at some and not much in others. I plan to make a run tomorrow to acquire at least three of the six fabrics I liked. One will be the Badgley Mischka above and the others may become the Simplicity top and jacket.


  1. Ooo, I really like that second one!

  2. I like your choice of patterns. Isn't it so nice when you do find fabulous fabric :)

  3. See this is why you should stay out of Joann's!!! *LOL* But I'm glad that you picked up the Simplicity pattern. I have been jonesing on that pattern for a minute now.


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