I am back in DC or Arlington, VA (all the same to me) today. Will be traveling back home tomorrow afternoon. At least the weather is better than when I was here last month!!! I drove again. Though I truly hate driving around here.

My jacket is still in the almost complete stage. I have not had time to sew a buttonhole. How sad is that!?! I have the perfect button from my collection. I actually had purchased buttons when I bought the fabric. But I just like the look of the one I am going to use and that button has been around for awhile. It has appropriately aged for this project.

I also had to buy a wire tool cutter. The chain that I also need to sew in needs to be cut. I know that I had one of these before but not when I need it. I need to make sure that it does not leave a rough edge when removing the link. I have never used a chain before so this is new to me. But I can tell the difference it makes with the hems in this jacket. I purchased it for the Chanel jacket that I have yet to finish. I lost some interest in that project a while back. Now that the weather will start getting warmer, that jacket needs to be finished.


  1. Hey me too, I've got a Chanel jacket waiting to be made. Hopefully I'll get to it this summer so I can wear it next fall. I've visited your blog before but never commented. Hi!


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