"I've been kidnapped by life"

I was just reading some recent posts at Sew Retro blog this morning. The title of my post is a quote of a comment made by someone posting there. I love it! That is exactly how I feel.

Let me say that work has been challenging of late, too much so. Last night I was the last to leave for the evening (7 pm). So driving home I try to think about sewing related things. This helps. When I got home, DH gave me the mail and there was a Vogue Pattern Magazine and Threads. I thumbed through both issues after eating as I was just too wiped out to do anything sewing related much less read blogs about sewing.

So my jacket sits in limbo until this weekend. I have been concerned that the weather is going to turn warm and I will only get a little wear out of the jacket and dress before it gets too warm to wear. However, the past two days have been extremely cold so spring may not just be around the corner.


  1. Linda, I know exactly how you feel. Last night I was able to get a little sewing done. Maybe after church I'll be able to do a little more.

  2. I am with you too! I have been so busy and then so tired I have hardly had any time to sew! I say we revolt!


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