Taken in and moving on

Well I painfully removed stitches, lots of them-understitching, topstitches, seaming stitches-to again take up the seams in the Vogue skirt. I ended up taking 1/2 inch on the front seams and 3/8 on the back seams in the waist area tapering to nothing about two inches down. Put those pantie hose back on and tried on the skirt again. Yes by golly the darn thing fits now!

I ended up taking small tucks in the facing band as I just could not bring myself to remove the whole thing. I was concerned that it would make things look or feel bulky. But it doesn't so it will be mine and the dry cleaners secret.

I read somewhere, perhaps a review on PR, where another sewist when making skirts always seem to fit them too tight so got in the habit of adding width to her skirts for them to fit less snug. She expressed that with body changes she needed to rethink what she was doing. I knew she was describing me as well as I shared those same feelings. I am going to stick to my usual method of pin fitting patterns. I used the information on the pattern as well as flat measuring. Not sure I am doing that exactly right. I am all for learning new things, particularly fitting patterns. I think for me I have become most comfortable with FFRP pattern fitting that I will stay with as this has been the most TNT method for me.

As my DH always says, when Linda is happy, he's happy. I am now back to happy and pleased with my skirt. I am moving on to the next projects.



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