Sewing Sunday

I decided to spend some quality time with DH yesterday. We ran all over town as we both had places we wanted to go. We did not leave til late in the AM as it was cold and we were enjoying staying in. I had been out earlier to go to CURVES so was enjoying the warmth of the house. I HATE COLD WEATHER!

After shopping and stopping for a bite to eat, we came home and I sewed a little. I finished sewing the yokes to the bodice of the dress. I stitched the neckline and armholes of the fabric and lining pieces. I used this method that I posted about in December. I had some concerns about how it was going to work with this particular dress, though sleeveless the sleeve shapes are not traditional. They are more off the shoulder and come to almost V point. But the finish of the neckline and armholes look so RTW that I decided to use the method.

Today I tweaked the sewn lining and fabric at neck and arms. I like to understitch the lining in this area. I find that it holds the lining down nicely. I may topstitch this area as well. I am saving that for later. I then installed the invisible zipper. I think that I started the top of the zipper to low. I will definitely need a hook and eye to help to close the very top of the back neckline. I completed the back seam below the zipper and sewed the lining back pieces together as well. I basted the side seams of the lining and fabric, stitching as one piece. I turned it inside and out. I stopped there as I had committed to myself to clean the master bathroom. (yech!) I am not a great housekeeper and tend to let things go too long between cleanings.

I need to try on the dress for further tweaking. In trying on the lining unit first, I found that I needed to take deeper back darts. I decided not to do that though until I tried on the dress with lining attached. I think I will get a better idea of how things will fit with the fabric and lining together.

The gathers at the front center where the yoke and bodice meet are not as gathered looking as it appears on the pattern envelope. That may prove to be good as I was concerned how that was going to look over a fuller bust. As noted before I tried on the lining unit and was pleased with the look and the gathers laid nicely.


  1. Linda,

    I really like that lining method. I'm trying to visualize how this would work if I wanted to use this treatment for dresses/tops that have sleeves. So I guess just do the neckline part and forget about the armhole area. Think this sounds right? These are things that I actually have to do since I'm such a visual person.


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