Knit top and other sewing

This is the fabric, the animal skin knit, I am going to sew up next. This is similar to a slinky knit with a little more body. I am going to use Simplicity 3759 and will make the raglan sleeve with scooped and gathered neck. I wanted to make something that I think will be quick and easy.

I pin fitted the pattern this afternoon. I raised the neckline about an inch and did a FBA. In making the FBA, I closed up the resulting dart and moved the extra fullness to the neckline gathers.

I went through numerous patterns and sewing fabric that I had brought into my sewing room about two months ago. I decided that some fabrics were more transitional and will look to sew them in late February early March. Those were moved into another room where I store my fabric collection. I then matched up some of the remaining fabrics I kept in the sewing room with some patterns to become my next few projects.

I want to make this McCall's dress. I saw a grey dress at the local Macy's with black piping around the neckline. The skirt part had a black embroidered vines all over it. I have thought about making the dress up in a plaid that I also purchased from Mary Jo's when I acquired the knit fabric mentioned above. I am just not a plaid wearing person. I also acquired gray fabric so I have decide to use that for the dress. I also decided to use my Pattern Master Boutique program and drafted a pattern similar to this McCall's pattern. I did this with the intent of morphing the McCall's pattern to the PMB one so as to reduce a lot of tissue pattern adjustments.

As part of my sewing resolutions, I have taken new measurements with the hope of selecting a more appropriate pattern size for garments. Interestingly most measurements did not change significantly except for the hip measurement, which due to CURVES, I have toned up that area.

My plans tomorrow are to cut out the knit top and then work on morphing the McCall's dress pattern with the PMB one. I hope that I can get that one cut out as well.


  1. We're of the same sewing mind, Linda. Last night I cut out a robe out of a leopard (or cheetah? can't remember which is which) polar fleece. And I have that same dress pattern in my to do list - I have a teal / black plaid intended for the fabric.

    That simplicity top looks a lot like the scoop neck version of S4076. I love that top! Your animal version will be very cute!

  2. congratulations on the size change in the hip area. Wish I were managing the same.
    I would be really interested in seeing the pattern tissue overlaid with the draft from PMB.

  3. You know I love the animal print. The McCalls dress was one of my fall picks that I'm hoping to make up as well. Look forward to hearing and seeing your progress.


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