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After posting about new fabrics a few days ago, I have decided to use fabric from my stash! This is a microfiber that I purchased when I lived in Lakeland, FL; that was 6 1/2 years ago. I believe it has aged well enough now.

I will post a photo soon. I realized that many of my stash fabrics have not been photographed and catalogued in my Stitch and Stash program. I have many of them recorded, but I stopped updating at one point and this was probably in one of the fabric bins where I stopped.
I think I am being influenced to use this fabric because the pattern does not call for a lining and this fabric wears nicely and has some what satiny feel on the wrong side. Thus I think I can skip making a lining for this pattern. Also the photo shot on the cover of Sew Stylish magazine where this pattern was depicted in its many variations had a similar red jacket on the front. My fabric is a blended red color. I need to pull out the Pantone cards and assign it a number for other Pantone users.

I pinned fitted the jacket pattern and made a slight FBA. I removed the resulting side dart and increased the neck darts to accommodate this. My first attempt at moving a dart to the neckline area. With darts already there, it made sense. Skirt was pin fitted also and I did not need to make any adjustments, except I folded out one inch at the petite marking on the pattern.
Photos of the fabric to follow later. Time to start dinner.


  1. Can't wait to see yours! This has to be my most favorite item (the jacket) that I have sewn to date!


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