Sewing progress-almost done!

First and foremost I am on vacation. My plans for sewing ALL DAY yesterday got some detours along the way. First, I bought a satellite radio on Saturday, had it installed on Sunday. Worked great on the way home and on side trips before getting home. Sunday evening kept trying to acquire a signal. First thing Monday AM went back to installer, learned the problem was radio. Went to Best Buy got them to exchange the radio, plugged it in and worked great. Hopefully today it will work.

Refrigerator was leaking, ice maker had froze up. Appliance repair person unfroze. Started leaking again, yesterday new valve installed. Solved that problem but think I have another one.

So in between this I worked diligently on my jacket. I am happy to report that it is almost done. What's left to do is finish the back hem facing; attach band and buttons; make button holes and attach buttons. The issue is buttons. I don't have enough of a certain button to use from my stash. The only place to buy buttons locally is JoAnn's. They never have what I need. The next local and best source is 45 minutes away, Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd. May be a trip later in the week will be necessary.

Here is the jacket on AlmaMarie. Here is a close up of the gathered sleeve cap.
There are other photos.


  1. It's coming along beautiful! Looking forward to the final result.

  2. Great job on the jacket - I love the fabric you used with it.

  3. I love the material you did that in. I like the dress pattern you picked to go with it. I also adore the jacket to that pattern. I hope you get some sewing in on your vacation and a trip to the schoolhouse in this weather would be enjoyable so go for it!

  4. Wonderful jacket, great fit, interesting style, chic would be the word! Can't wait to see the whole ensemble.

  5. It's beautiful! The fabric is great too, well done!


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