Sewing Furniture

I took the plunge and purchased a Horn of America Sewing table, Model 2136. I love it!

The only assembly required is inserting the casters on the bottom of the cabinet. I had to adjust the flat-bed level which required loosening a bolt and moving it down. Now all is level and the plastic insert which is made to fit your specific machine model fits like a charm.

It has been such a pleasure sewing with this today. All fabric lays flat and I think my machine sounds quieter now.

Go here to take a look.


  1. Linda, I can see you love it already! I love mine, it also has a flip up back piece that can be used for cutting - which is good in my very small space! As the British would say, purpose-built is the way to go!

  2. Linda, that's a great cabinet. Hope you will have many years sewing on this great cabinet. Mine is similar. I've had it several years and really love it. What color did you choose?


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