Progress slow but steady

I decided to follow a tip from PR and to make the lining unit first for this jacket. The lining is a China Silk that I purchased on my recent fabric shopping event with my ASG friends. It was a challenge to cut out as it is rather slippery. I also decided to make a fitting change with the front lining piece so I had to re-cut the front piece. Good news is I bought a good amount of this lining to use with the dress pattern, when I finally decide which one that is going to be.

The front facing and the front lining piece have been sewn together. My next step is to attach to the back lining piece. I am following the pattern instructions, at least for now, on attaching these pieces together. Because of the odd shape of the pattern pieces, the lining sewing is a little different than I would probably do it without reading the directions.

I hope to take some photos this evening of my progress thus far. Using the make the lining first tip from PR will allow me to make some fitting adjustments if necessary before tackling the outer jacket unit.

More updates later.


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