McCall's Jacket

This jacket has required numerous pattern adjustments. I will persevere!!!!!

I had to adjust the front facing piece to match the raised neckline and then the tuck taken to assure it fits close in the upper chest area. I also had to adjust the collar pieces.

I have decided I am going to use the front pattern piece for the lining instead of the front lining piece. With the FBA I made to the front piece, I would need to make a FBA to the front lining as well as the facing piece also for it to work with jacket front. I don't think I have enough FBA patience to give at this time. Boy, I really like those B,C,D cup patterns by Simplicity and Silhouettes!

My idea is to use the front pattern piece, trace another one, then overlay the facing piece over this and then trim off the front edge, add 5/8 seam allowance to attach the now new front lining piece to the facing. I hope that makes sense; it does in my mind whether I described it well here is another thing.

I am a little concerned about the amount of fabric I have. It is going to be tight but I am going to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say. I hope to have it all cut out by tomorrow and get sewing on it tomorrow as well. No grocery shopping tomorrow so gives me some more sewing room time.


  1. I once ran out of fabric for lapel facings and had to piece together three smaller pieces of the fabric so I ended up with seams where there shouldn't be seams. I called it a "design feature". Ack. Good luck - I hope you have enough!


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