At long last!

The dress is complete except for the hemming which I will do this evening. I had time now to take photos of the dress on Alma Marie so the hem is pinned up. If you have been reading my postings, you know that this has taken much more time than I anticipated. It is not necessarily the pattern as it was fitting the pattern. I will say that I am disappointed with the pocket insert. I ended up removing the pocket. I am going to research this as there has got to be a better way to insert an inseam pocket than this. I truly don't have experience with inseam pockets for dresses but can't be too different from skirts. Can it????

The pocket pattern for this dress is a square piece of fabric and it is one size fits all. If you are using a size 16 vs. size 14, then you know that the center front piece is going to be sized up from 14 to 16 or to 18 or to 20.....

The pocket does not get sized up. Thus when you attach the pocket and then the pocket lining to the front seams, there will be some pull. I really wanted the pocket as I have seen photos of similar dress on Celebs and models and think it is a nice touch, provided they lay correctly.

I am glad this is complete. This has wiped me out. I now have sewing block, meaning I don't know what I want to sew next. I do have three days off next week so I know I will come up with something. I have some other dresses I want to make. I also want to make a white jacket to wear with not only this dress but some other outfits, just need to decide on the pattern.

Here is the completed dress. Alma Marie is a little broader than me so some of the pulls you may see do not exist when I wear the dress.


  1. Turned out beautiful! What a great summer dress.

  2. Pretty dress which you will get a lot of use for this summer.

  3. Linda ~ I love this pattern but hate the pocket. I will be omitting it when I make this dress. Your dress is really cute! Love the fabric! *smile*

    Claire Shaeffer wrote two books on pockets, "Sew Any Patch Pocket" and "Sew Any Set-In Pocket" I usually reference those books when I have a pocket question!

  4. Linda - your dress turned out so cute! I'm glad you mentioned the pockets and I'm just now cutting this out and was debating whether or not to add the pockets.

  5. lovely dress and the perfect fabric! it's so funky! XD

  6. I've missed where you posted the pattern pic, but if it's the kind of pocket which gives you just one pocket through the centre front, then I think you've saved yourself a lot of headaches by getting rid of it! I drafted a skirt, and had the brilliant idea to put the pocket that way from the side-front seams - even lowering it and putting snaps half way down the openings, I still couldn't get that thing to lay flat while I was sitting or walking!!

    I think it's turning out lovely as it is.


  7. Sew nice to tame a project that you've been wrestling with. Very nice dress - congrats!


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