Eyelet Skirt

I have begun the process of making the chocolate eyelet skirt. You can see a lovely outfit made from this same fabric at Carolyn's "Diary of a Sewing Fanatic". Actually you can see that her sewing vacation was highly productive. She is a fast sewist. I thought I was at one time, but seems like I have slowed down. Carolyn is also smart to use TNT patterns and varies the looks by fabric choices, added touches, etc. Me, I keep trying another pattern that I have purchased, but yet to perfect. So I have all the added tissue fitting, pattern adjustments etc. to get through before ever sewing.

Back to my skirt. I am using a skirt pattern I have made before-KS 3180. I am however making View A. I made View C or D before with much success so I hope this one works out that way. I had to cut "ten" panels of eyelet and "ten" panels of the silk. I am going to underline each eyelet piece. Carolyn and I exchanged emails about this;since she had experienced the sewing of this fabric, resulted in the conclusion that each piece has to be underline. Serging the seams with such gaps in fabric because of design would result in some places for no thread to connect to.

Because the silk is rather slippery, I decided to glue baste the edges to the eyelet material. Attempting to sew it by machine was not a good idea. Glue basting the silk lining has allowed each fabric to line up much better. I have not tried glue basting before. Yet have read of positive results by others. I purchased two types about a month or two ago. I found I like the Beacon Fabric Glue better, it is clear and comes out in small beads of glue which is what you want.

As I noted above I have ten panels to glue. I am still gluing! And making progress as well. Unlike Carolyn, many of the projects I planned did not get completed, much less started. I had some distractions along the way. More on that later. I will keep you posted on my skirt.


  1. What does TNT mean? I've seen a few times and it's not coming to me.

    I use regular stick glue sometimes to baste. What I really love is basting spray. It's expensive, but it works for most things...a temporary hold until you can get some stitches in anyway.

  2. Oh, I sew like you do. I keep using new patterns instead of TNT (tried-and-true) patterns, and then I have the extra time of altering. I sure like that chocolate brown eyelet fabric - it sounds like it will make for a very cute skirt!

  3. Oh Linda - please let me clerify something...I did not make half of what I wanted to! And definitely ran out of steam at the end of the week! Your skirt will be lovely ~ can't wait to see it!


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