My Sewing Day-3/18/07

My sewing day has been very productive. I wish I could say that I began sewing as soon as I cut out things but that didn't happen.

I cut out the top and skirt (Simplicity 4074). Here is the fabric I used for my skirt and top. This is from EOS.It is a buttermilk knit.

I also embroidered as planned the back neckline of my T-shirt using my new Magna Hoops. They work pretty good. I am still concerned about the ability to hold the fabric steady using this system, but to do away with the sticky paper that gums up needles is worth the try from me.

I also continued my efforts to log my patterns and some fabrics on Stitch n Stash software. I am able to do this while I also cook dinner. My office is next to the kitchen. I like multi-tasking. However, sometimes I forget about items cooking!!!

I just realized I have not shown the fabric that I am using for the shell pattern. This is navyish shantung fabric, perhaps silk but I think not. Dark colors are hard to photograph, so used the pattern piece to help give an offset and to better see the fabric.

I also traced the 1945 skirt pattern from Eva Dress Co. Here is the fabric I am using for this.

This pattern looks fairly simple to make. I need to pin fit the pattern and hope to do that during the evenings next week. I am hoping this looks good after making as I have some other fabric that I think will make up well in this style.


  1. I love that buttermilk material. Lovely, I look forward to seeing it made up.


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