Coquette Blouse project

I pin fitted the blouse pattern that I traced yesterday. I knew from the measurements provided on the pattern that adjustments were going to be necessary. I had to do a FBA adjustment which proved doable but challenging due to the front pattern pieces. After doing that, I decided to add a center back seam as I needed to do a round back adjustment and the center seam allows for the fit at the neck to be better. In addition I had to make my usual sway back adjustment. The pattern has no hem allowance, so I add two inches to the length to give me something to work with. Otherwise it would not be long enough to tuck in to a skirt or pants.

With the FBA, this added additional width down to waist area, which was needed also. I then pin fitted again to make sure there are no other adjustments to make. I decided not to make forward shoulder adjustment. I feel comfortable that I can now decide on the fabric and cut out the pattern.

I fell in love with the look of this pattern when I read this review at Pattern Review. This reviewer indicated that she thought the blouse ran large. I am not as trim and thin as she appears to be in her photo. I don't think this will be the case for me. Here is a photo of the pattern. Not the most exciting pattern view to look at but the website itself is inspiring once you click on the links and view some of the vintage patterns and clothing made from them.

I pulled two fabric pieces from my stash to make the blouse and still not sure which one I will use. I am leaning toward the pale beige with pale lavendar one as it is a little thicker than the teal/peach one. The teal/peach one was acquired while living in Florida-1991-2000. The other I acquired from Vogue fabrics in late 2005 or early 2006. I have another piece of fabric that I acquired from Britex fabrics in 1990 that has continued to age well, a silk green and orange fabric. I think though I will hold onto this until I make sure this pattern is going to work.

Here are the photos of the two fabric choices.


  1. I loved the look of that pattern. I can't wait to see how yours comes out. I would like to try it for me? Hmmm.


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