Embroidery progress

With so much activity for Christmas preparation and such, sewing time has been brief. I also experienced a reluctance to get in the sewing room and sew. Friday night, I did cut out another knit top-Vogue 8323 scoop neck.

I resumed the embroidering on my denim jacket. I have to say this was an idea I had about a month or more ago. The Designs in Embroidery Magazine came out with an issue relating to embroidering denim. That added to my desire to work on this jacket. I had embroidered one center back panel several weeks ago. Friday and Sunday I completed the other center back panel. Matching up the designs to mirror and stitch in alignment with the other side takes time, measuring, hooping and adjusting. I am pleased with the outcome.

I then embroidered the right, side back with flowers. All of these designs come from Dakota Collectibles-Mod Pack designs. Here are photos of my progress thus far:


  1. Linda - love the new blog page! It's stunning!

  2. That is one cool jacket! It will look good in the spring riding on the motorcycle!

  3. Well, it looks like you're coming out of your sewing lull! :o) The embroidery really spruces up the jacket - it looks really nice.

    You ride a motorcycle?!?!?

  4. Love, Love, Love! What a cool transformation to your jacket!


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