Simplicity 9825 Complete

As mentioned in my last post I only had a few more things to do with skirt and it would be complete. I am happy to say it is now finished. Here are a few shots of the details of this skirt. I am very pleased with how well it all went together. I think I did a great job with the topstitching, if I say so myself! I also had success with the lapped zipper and the back yoke sections lining up nicely.

This one is blurry, but the intent was to show how the yoke pieces lined up in the back with zipper.

Here is the front view with yoke topstitching and pockets.

I need to clarify what I meant by using the term faux suede. This is not Ultra Suede or Facile; this is faux suede with polyester and satin type finish on the wrong side. The term is used at Hancocks and such so I use it also. When I was flipping the Fabric Savvy book the other evening, I realized in this book the term is used to indicate the Ultra Suede type fabric.

I will say that this is the beefier polyester faux suede that I have acquired from Hancocks and it looks very much like Ultra Suede until you actually touch and sew with it.

I really like the look of this skirt. It was simple to sew. I cut a size 18 at waist and hip, tapering to 16 at hemline. I ended up taking up about another 1/2 inch at the midpoint between waist and hip. I did my usual swayback adjustment for this skirt. I also used a 2 inch hem. I will make this skirt again down the road.


  1. Linda, I love that skirt--I even have that pattern, but have never used it. I'll read the rest of this and see if you comment on the pockets. (Are they real pockets? Just flaps? Easy to put in?)


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