Is it me or Is it Blogger?

Yesterday I could visit my blog but couldn't read comments to postings. Couldn't seem to post. Got all sorts of error messages. Took me two attempts this morning. So here I am.

I wanted to post that I cut out the KS skirt pattern. Last night after getting off work and leaving Curves, I came home, ate light dinner, showered and then went into sewing room and started on the blouse/top. I sewed the front darts, then serge finished the back pieces. Tonight the plan is to press darts, serge finish the front piece and then begin the construction of the rest of the blouse. I need to read through the directions as I am not sure at what step I do the neck gathers; I assume after sewing the shoulders together.

I think I will have the top and skirt complete during the weekend. The next project will be the jacket. Still undecided about the jacket. I have an idea in mind but need to see the completed blouse and skirt. I am thinking a Sewing Workshop pattern which takes the jacket out of my usual style, but one I hope will work.

Later, gator!


  1. It was most definitely Blogger. They were doing server maintenance and then later it went down completely. Which, as I found out, severely blew my Blog-reading time....everyone's blog is on Blogger! I couldn't read any of the ones I look at on a routine basis.

    Nice to see you have "plans" on what to sew next.....I can't seem to get past the thinking stage most days!

  2. It was blogger - I had the same issue when I visited yesterday (anyone trying to comment on blogger got an error message). I can't wait to see the KS skirt when it's finished, I'm beginning to really like KS patterns!

  3. Yup, Blogger and it's going down again today for 60 - 90 minutes, they say. Bleh! hope it gets fixed!


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