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Several commenters and friends have said I need to name my dress form. I decided to name her Alma Marie. These are the names of two very special ladies in my life who are no longer with us physically, but they are in my mind and heart daily.

Alma was my maternal grandmother who taught me to sew. She actually bought me my very first Singer sewing machine when I was only 5 years old. It was a small minature machine, that you turned the handwheel to sew. She cut out some squares and I made a small quilt with this machine. I wish I still had that quilt. She then bought me another Singer machine, one of the traditional black with gold lettering all over it but had an electric foot pedal. I made a knit jersey evening gown and jacket for an event I had to go to as I could not afford to buy the gown at the time. I don't know how I got that dress made as the machine was not all that kind to knits. This was in the early 70's. I think back then I had no fear when it came to working with what I consider hard to handle fabrics now. Maybe I just know too much about the fabric than I did then. I made lots of garments with this machine which then led to other machine purchases.

Marie was my mother. She sewed some but sewing was not her passion. She loved to crochet and knit, two things I have never done well. She also loved to hand sew quilts. I avoid hand sewing with a passion. She also had great decorating talents. Her Christmas Tree was the best decorated trees in the family and neighborhood. She could bake the best desserts and turned into a fairly decent cook when she retired to take care of Alma when her physical health began to falter. She loved me with a passion the only way mother's can.

Both of these ladies were and will continue to be a great inspiration to me. They were tough minded women and taught me that I could always take care of myself. They helped me understand independence as well as interdependence.

So I name my dress form-Alma Marie.


  1. She looks great! And what a wonderful tribute to the women who brought sewing into your life.

  2. Awesome post! You are blessed to have had such wonderful women role models in your life ~ thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations! I am so impressed you got that done. I hope she has a long and prosperous life. I hope she is a good companion and enjoys the priviledge of wearing your fantastic creations!

  4. Great Dressform , she will be one of your best sewing aides.And a great way to honour the women important in your life.


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